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A child in the Calais refugee camp But MPs voted against her amendment by 287 votes to 267. The Home Office said it encouraged councils to come forward if they had capacity for child asylum เสื้อทีม seekers. Campaigners want 3,000 Syrian and other children in Europe to be found homes. They say ministers have failed to live up to their commitment to do all they can to help the victims of the civil war in Syria and other conflicts when agreeing to take an unspecified number of children under a scheme named after Labour peer Lord Dubs. When the scheme closes later this month, the government expects 350 children to have been given sanctuary in the UK - in addition to those already accepted under other resettlement and asylum programmes. Key route to the UK for child refugees to close Ministers have said councils, which are under extreme financial constraints, do not have the capacity to take the number mooted by campaigners. They have also long expressed concerns that เสื้อทีม สีดำ taking children directly from southern Europe and the Balkans encourages child trafficking and potentially fatal journeys across the Mediterranean - a claim contested by charities. A cross-party group of MPs hoped to amend the Children and Social Work Bill currently before Parliament to place a statutory duty on councils to consult and report back to ministers at least once a year on their capacity to provide safeguarding and welfare services to children, including refugees from abroad. Image caption Ms Allen says her goal was to keep the Dubs scheme alive Image copyright EPA Image caption The law was designed by former child refugee Lord Dubs Ms Allen, who tabled the amendment, said the UK had done an "amazing job" in terms of welcoming 20,000 refugees directly from Syria and its neighbouring countries and providing more than 2bn in aid to help those displaced by the six-year conflict. But she said helping unaccompanied children already in Europe was a "final piece in the jigsaw" where the UK was currently falling short. "This is a global crisis and we need to play our part," she told the BBC.

The new ordinance would set the number of donation bins allowed in the borough andthe permitfees. Councilman Jeff Lahullier suggested waiving the permit fee if a portion of the proceeds were donated to the municipality. According to Minda, The New Jersey Center for School Aid, whose bins are located in the CVS parking lot, donates money to the town's Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Program. Salerno said he is looking into whether or not the town can waive the permit fee if an organization donates to the town. "I haven't reached a conclusion," Salerno said. "I think ifthe intention of the council was not to ask them to make donations, but there happens to be one cited that does give money for charitable purposes in town." East Rutherford is not alone in wanting regulations for clothing donation bins. Lyndhurst, North Arlington and Rutherford all have established ordinances regulating clothing donation bins. In Carlstadt, the borough has an ordinance regarding the storage and collection of refuse but nothing that is specific to donation bins. Lyndhurst limits the number of bins allowed on one parcel.

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