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The announcement was made as part of talks with the government last week for a broader logistics agreement in the province, a spokesperson confirmed to CNBC via email. The new drone sites will help reduce shipping costs by 70 percent, Liu said. JD.com has been developing its drone capabilities since October 2015 via its JDX innovation lab. It started trialing flights in June 2016, using the devices to deliver to rural China, the company explained in an online statement posted in November 2016. "In areas where complex terrain and poor infrastructure makes last mile logistics challenging, JD drones can deliver orders from regional delivery stations to JD's dedicated 'village promoters' in each village, who then distribute the orders directly to customers, shortening delivery times and reducing costs." It now has around 300,000 village promoters, it added. "Many rural residents have traditionally had far fewer buying choices than their urban counterparts. That's because they could purchase goods only from local stores, where they often find higher prices than are typically seen in the cities, and where counterfeit goods remain an issue," the statement said. The company has five models of drone that can fly up to 100km per hour, delivering packages weighing 5 to 15 kilos, and it is looking to have drones that can carry up to 500 kilos. The maximum distance they can travel is 50km before recharging. JD.com isn't the only company looking at delivery by drone. Amazon has partnered with the U.K.

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Mario Ohoven added that negotiations should be "guided by economic sense and not by political ideologues". The remarks diverge from the position taken by other leading German voices. In September last year, the head of the BDI, a powerful German business lobby whose members are larger companies, told the BBC it was "better to have a hard Brexit that works". German politicians have almost unanimously underlined that the UK cannot have unfettered access to the single market unless it allows for the free movement of EU citizens. In her letter to the EU last week, Theresa May said the UK would "not seek membership of the single market" in the upcoming negotiations. 'Worst result' But Mr Ohoven emphasised that the close economic ties between the UK and the German Mittelstand - which makes up the bulk of the country's economy - meant a Brexit deal without single market access would be damaging to both countries. "Germany exported goods worth 89bn euros to the UK alone in 2015, almost half of it was exported by 150,000 German SMEs," he said, adding that many more companies traded indirectly with the British market, as well as relying on UK research and development. "In the end, a soft Brexit should be reached. It is important that the UK stays in the single market, or that the UK joins an agreement similar to the the EFTA (European Free Trade Association), similar to Norway or Iceland. "The worst result would be if the EU and the UK did not reach an agreement in time," he added. Image copyright BVMW That sentiment was echoed by Dirk Rothweiler, the chief executive of First Sensor, a Mittelstand firm that makes almost 7m euros a year from sales to the UK market.